Known traditionally for it’s use in treating neurological issues like stress, anxiety, depression and even migraines, Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family, valued throughout history for its various beneficial qualities. Earning its name from the Latin root word lavare, meaning “to wash,” this herb was commonly used during baths to cleanse the body and purify the spirit.

SLEEP INDUCER (without side effects) – Lavender has been shown to improve sleep duration and quality as well as reduce sleep disturbances. Inhaling its scent has also been proven to fight insomnia and increase overall well-being. To top off all of the benefits, lavender, unlike most sedative drugs, has not been shown to cause any unwanted side effects, instead actually improving physical and mental health.

HEADACHE TAMER – Lavender works as an anxiety reducing and anticonvulsant sedative making it an ideal calming agent. This also makes Lavender oil the perfect essential oil for headaches; inducing relaxation and relieving tension. In other words; had a rough day? Light this candle and let the lavender work its magic!


SKIN DETOXIFYING – This stone contains negative ions which work to both draw positive energy towards the body and extract hazardous waste such as toxins and free radicals from the skin which have positive chargers, effectively detoxifying the individual and their skin. Far Infrared rays emitted by Amethyst stimulate a group of cells called fibroblasts to increase collagen production, which is very important in wound healing and tissue repair. The rays also help increase the skins temperature, increasing blood flow and further helping in cellular repair.

WARM ENERGY – Amethyst’s emission of far infrared rays intensifies its benefits through the production of “warm energy” that exists in all living things. On a sunny day, we can feel far infrared rays in the form of deep, internal warmth. Far infrared rays have powerful positive effects on human wellness; when combined with amethyst, their effects are even more significant.

MOOD SUPPORT – In a recent study, far infrared radiation was found to increase overall life satisfaction in subjects with infrared radiation-emitting discs hidden underneath their pillows compared to those who had placebo discs.

SLEEP SUPPORT – From experiments with animals and humans we have also learned that far-infrared regulation can play a role in regulating sleep patterns. The levels of heat emitted by amethyst crystals are just enough in strength to provide a sense of calm for the body without being strong enough to cause harm. Hence amethyst is said to provide favorable effects in support of a healthy sleep cycle.

HISTORICAL USES – The stone itself has been known historically to represent royalty and maintain wellness in many cultures. Amethyst was worn to ward off intoxicants and promote mental clarity in both ancient Greek and Roman civilization. In ancient Egypt amethyst was carved into amulets to serve as a protective ward. Among the early Christians, gemstones were a symbol of purity and spirituality, amethyst being especially used to aid in the healing of wounds, fatigue, and fevers. These tales seem to resonate with a central idea about amethyst: it balances physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.


Known as Citrus bergamia, this useful fruit is known for its refreshing citrus scent that is renowned for its ability to calm the mind. Often used in massage and aromatherapy as well as skin care routines and Earl Grey teas, Bergamot is well known for its role in unclogging pores and balancing oil distribution and pigment in the skin.

A NATURAL SKIN BALANCER – This versatile orange-sized fruit has earned a name for itself through its pore unclogging and skin regulating properties. What’s more, it also works as an anti-inflammatory agent that is considered a cicatrizant due to its ability to help heal scars and discoloration.

CLEANSER OF ALL SORTS – Bergamot oil is not only an antiseptic, it is also a disinfectant, cleansing the body of toxins and infectious bodies while also preventing future encounters with infections and the likes of more severe conditions such as eczema and tetanus. It has qualities of a deodorant, antidepressant, and is used in many perfumes, making a cleanser for the body, mind, and soul!

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION – The main components of bergamot oil, are both stimulating and antidepressant in essence. Through the improvement of circulation, bergamot helps to create a refreshing sensation that reinforces joy and energization in individuals who suffer from depression or general sadness. The hormonal effects, which include secretions that help in maintaining balanced metabolic rates as well as proper digestion which helps to absorb nutrients and effectively regulate blood sugar, are clear testimony to this oil’s mental and physical benefits.

RELAXANT & SEDATIVE – Thanks to the flavonoids present in bergamot oil, it is an incredibly effective relaxant as well. These secondary metabolites work on soothing nerves and reducing anxiety and stress that result from nervous tension. Remedying these ailments is known to help regulate related conditions such as insomnia, depression, and high blood pressure. Through the stimulation of certain hormonal activity in the body such as that of dopamine and serotonin, bergamot oil can help induce feelings of sedation and relaxation. This especially comes in handy for those suffering from muscle spasms, cramps or convulsions such as those caused by chronic coughing, asthma or other respiratory conditions.

ELIMINATES BAD ODOR – This is perhaps the most popular property of bergamot oil among the youth who are in search of new deodorants that are natural and refreshing. This essential oil is an excellent deodorant given its refreshing aroma and disinfectant properties which inhibit the growth of germs that are the main cause of body-odor. Citrus smells are very powerful and can overcome or eliminate many other odors, which is why this oil is also used in room fresheners and sprays. And, given that it is 100% natural, the concern about cancerous agents in mainstream deodorants and fresheners is not present. Apply to your hearts content!


Peridot, with its ancient history that varies from adorning many a medieval church to being treasured by Napoleon and Cleopatra, contains healing properties that have been sought after far and wide. Even with its enchanting green pigment and beneficial properties, peridot is more affordable than emerald, making it even more accessible and beloved to the masses.

LIFE REGULATING – Peridot is praised for the benefits it rains on the cycles of life people encounter, be they mental, emotional, or physical. One example of this is its ability to bring negative patterns to an end and stop toxic situations from playing out over and over again. It helps to effectively get rid of situations and mental states that restrain our growth and keep us stuck in an exhausting circle of events. Another important role it plays in individual lives is its extraordinary role in soothing a hurting heart, allowing people to get over emotions like spite, jealousy, anger, and resentment through the promotion of simply letting things go.

EMOTIONAL HEALING – Due to the stone’s ability to encourage self-focus, it has many emotional healing properties. Peridot reinforces the concept of letting go and moving forward, making it easier to do so by easing emotions that would otherwise block an individual from doing so. These properties can improve relationships and one’s interactions with the world by keeping the emotional mind at bay, further preventing heartache and hurt feelings. This is due to its balancing of the energies of the Heart, otherwise known as the 4th Chakra.

STIMULATION OF CLARITY – One thing that is certainly necessary in life is the psychological clarity of mind that peridot arouses. It consequentially inspires a sense contentedness with one’s life. It empowers the confidence within individuals and allows them to search no further than within themselves for validation and worth, encouraging self-growth and an open-minded outlook on life. As such, peridot is often used during meditation and just before embarking on a journey in search of meaning and enlightenment.


Historically, patchouli oil has been used most commonly in Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese medicine thanks to its wound healing abilities and benefits for the skin and hair. The oil, extracted from the patchouli plant, a close relative of lavender with its musky sweet scent, is often used in perfumes and can naturally balance and ground one’s emotions.

BETTER WITH AGE – This valuable oil was so heavily revered in Europe, it was traded in equal value with gold. This is partly due to the fact that it ages like wine, getting better the older it gets. It was incredibly valued in ancient Egypt, King Tut even went to the extent of having ten gallons buried with him. In ancient Rome it was commonly used to suppress appetite and in India it is said to have been used as an aphrodisiac. Clearly, its properties are many in number and heavy in value.

SUPER SCENT – Most popularly, patchouli oil has been used as a scent for fabrics and till this day is used a scent for the skin and is incorporated in many skin products. Its sweet scent, though an acquired taste for some, is widely revered and can be used as a deodorant, with laundry detergents and air fresheners, or even as an insect repellent.

HEALING & RELAXATION – This beloved oil is often commended for its ability to heal both physical issues in the form of insect bites, scrapes, burns and the likes of skin problems, as well as mental issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. It is well known for having the capability to reduce skin blemishes such as scars and wrinkles. It serves as a great way to both unwind and achieve a glowing complexion. And really, what is more relaxing than knowing that your wrinkles and imperfections are disappearing as you go about your day?

AROUSAL AND STIMULATION – There’s nothing quite like the harmony that aromatherapy can induce, and patchouli oil is no stranger to this. Its astringent property allows it to stimulate the skin, nerves, and muscles, preventing the visible effects of aging such as hair loss and sagging skin. Interestingly, the stimulating effects of patchouli oil also extend into the bedroom, where they work to remedy issues such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual anxiety, frigidity, or over all disinterest in sex through the igniting of testosterone and estrogen.

Tiger's Eye

A semi-precious quartz of brown and yellow/gold pigment, Tiger’s Eye is often loved by many but understood by few. The name comes from the flash of light that can be seen within the stone as it is shifted which is said to resemble the flash that crosses a tiger’s eye when it has spotted its target and is ready to pounce. Through its attracting of the positive and casting away of the negative, this stone, treasured by ancient Romans and civilizations throughout history, encompasses the spirit of a tiger both in appearance and qualities.

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