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about us - by Minnie Park

It started as an idea

Minnie Park now curates healing plant scent experiences to tired modern souls who suffer from stress from daily life. Minnie is also a beauty influencer with an international community representing over 60 countries.

She has been blending scents energized by crystal accompaniments for her pop ups, and now offers these exclusive blends online for an affordable luxury experience.

Perfect for every occasion

Our vegan candles are hand made in small batches with FDA and Kosher approved soy wax, combined with quality essential oils and ethically sourced gemstones, all packaged in recyclable containers. All Ingredients are combined to bring forth the most effective therapeutic qualities in one bundle of beautifully scented holistic goodness.

Minnie Park

Candle & Perfume Ingredients
– Natural soy wax (FDA & Kosher approved)
– Custom blended oils of the highest quality
– Organic Grapeseed Oil
– Eco cotton wick (no lead)
– Unique selections of Crystals
– recyclable containers (glass for full sized candles, aluminum for tea light)
– dye/preservative free

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